Austin SW
Mobile Massage Therapy

Relax your mind ~ Revive your body
in the comfort of your home

GALINI offers different modalities
Sweedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal massages,
Massages for Teenagers
Reiki on request
In Greek, GALINI means serenity, peacefulness, tranquillity, calm.

Serving Greater Southwest Austin.
  • I come to your place with my massage table, linens and soothing music.
  • The only thing you have to do is to find a room/space that is quiet enough, where you can relax and enjoy your session.

My name is Virginie, I am the owner of GALINI - Austin MOBILE Massage Therapy.
I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master.

I offer my services to support my clients in their everyday life to improve their health and wellness.
Galini travels and meets you in the comfort of your home or office.

My mission with you
I'm dedicated to enhancing your well-being. I actively listens to your needs and expectations, aiming to provide you the most suitable therapeutic services.I consider Massage Therapy as a form of language and an amazing tool to communicate with the body, an incredible organism, with powerful capabilities.

Education, Training and Experience.
My journey began with a profound interest in human behavior, education, personal development, alternative healing therapies, and diverse cultures. I earned a Master's Degree in Psychology in France, followed by a degree in Teaching French as a Second Language, before embracing the world of Massage Therapy .
From a French family, I grew up in Africa and New Caledonia. This childhood abroad opened my mind and developped my tolerance in a compassionate way. For many years, I enjoyed teaching French to kids and adults from different backgrounds and cultures, which enriched my understanding of cultural diversity.

My transition to massage therapy was fueled by a desire to support others in a more direct, therapeutic manner. I received my training and certification from the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, realigning my life's purpose towards aiding people through therapeutic touch.
Being a Massage Therapist merges all my passions as Massage Therapy helps to alleviate physical and emotional pains using the art of touch as a beautiful and universal language.
I am a happy, compassionate and enthusiastic massage therapist.

My Hand-on Modalities:
  • Swedish
  • Deep tissue
  • Tui Na
  • Prenatal (certification from Body Therapy Education Carole Osborne)
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (Certification from Klose training, Vodder Technique)
In addition to my own business, I collaborate with Dr Kun Liu, an acupuncturist and owner of East West Natural Health Care. Under Dr Liu's mentorship who supports me in my learning, I can continue to explore the healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mobile massage in the comfort of your home or office . In studio on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at East West Natural Health Care

50 minutes

$ 85
  • Perfect if you want to address specific areas
  • Contact me to schedule your appointment

2 hours

$ 150
  • Swedish, Deep tissue, Body mobilization techniques, Passive stretch
  • Full body massage
  • Relaxation
  • Contact me to schedule your appointment
GALINI is here to accommodate your needs.
To schedule your appointment text, call or email.
  • Austin, TX 78739, USA

50 minutes : $70

Every TEENAGER deserves a massage. 
That's why I offer 50 minutes sessions for teenagers at a special price: $70
The physical and psychological changes that take place during adolescence are huge.
Massage is a great support for teenagers with their body image, to relieve stress and anxiety, sport injuries and teach them how to take care of themselves.

Reiki sessions on request

I offer Reiki Sessions on request
- During the massage session on request (free)
- add-on to your massage : $30 (25 minutes add-on)
- 50 minutes session : $85

Here is my story with Reiki, an Energy healing practice.

In 2013, my mom was loosing her motor skills, her walk was stiff and slow. The beautiful, always smiling and active person we knew was wondering what was happening to her! One day, her anxiety peaked, she was just crying and crying and nothing could stop her. She was visiting us from France, staying in Austin, she was not in the American healthcare network and didn't want any drug or medication. Watching my mom in despair was painful and my only goal was to make her smile again. One of my former French adult student, was a holistic healer and I decided to contact her. She welcomed my call and offered a Reiki session to my mom and it was a transformation! Thanks to her, I was discovering Reiki, then she encouraged me to learn the first degree to help my mom, and also introduced me to meditation. The next 2 months my mom received many Reiki sessions and each time I've seen her revitalized, her face was glowing and her walk was improving! My mom was telling me how those sessions helped her to feel her legs alive and relieve her anxiety. Then she had to go back to France and soon afer she was diagnosed with ALS, an incurable disease... there was nothing we could really do except alleviate her mental suffering, which Reiki did.

The time my mom spent with us was precious as we found a tool to relieve her anxiety with no drugs. Our first intention was to make her smile again and this energy technique made her smile again!
Looking back, I realise how Reiki was a gift! Not only Reiki helped my mom but along with meditation, it also helped me grieve and continue to see the light even when my mom flew into another world few months later in September 2014.

Then, time passed and I slowly put Reiki aside until I became a massage therapist, 6 years after my mom passed away; Reiki came back to me and all the questions that sometimes torned me between belief and skepticism finally faded away. Some of my clients gave me feedbacks that encouraged me to embark in a complete Reiki training which I did with humility in a compassionate way.
Being a Reiki Master allows me to share this healing practice, to offer comfort, relaxation, pain and tensions reductions.